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Darating, Diana D. newest single

When that one dream seems so elusive you don’t dare dream it anymore, or you’ve tried and tried and it looks like it’s never going to be possible – it’s so easy lose hope. Oftentimes, even answers to simple life questions are hard to come by, but then the world turns and all of a sudden you are face-to-face with your destiny and all the why’s and how’s have reached your path. “Kailangan mo ay maniwala lang, na darating din ang oras…”

Darating, written and performed by Diana Dayao also known as Diana D., is a Tagalog RnB and trap crossover piece that is both emotional and inspiring. It picks up on the story of someone that had been betrayed and left-behind by an ex-lover, and is going through a challenging time moving on. From hearing the ex’s name in conversations,”Nabanggit ang pangalan, nya sa isang usapan,” to having been robbed of her own smile, “Tila kanyang kinupit, mga ngiting naiukit...” But through it all, the song reassures the heartbroken that he/she is going to heal and find joyful mornings again, and almost with 100 percent assurance, that the right person will come.

The song tackles a romantic story, somewhat based on the singer’s experience at the time she wrote it, and yet symbolic of the very meaning of our journey in life. We make stops and turns to get to where we wanna be, or think we wanna be. Yet at times, when it’s out of our hands, we need to wait and have faith that the universe is going to get you or to you what your heart truly deserves.

Darating: Words and melody by Diana Dayao | Produced by Jason Haft of Haftway House | Mixed and Mastered by MC Einstein.


The Darating single launch is simultaneous with the launch of Project: Darating – a charitable initiative and love campaign that hopes to reunite less-privileged families that have been living apart due to financial challenges, conflicts, sickness, etc. One of the beneficiaries of Project: Darating is a young mother with stage-4 cancer. Right after giving birth to the youngest of her three kids, she had to leave them behind to stay in Manila for her cancer treatments at PGH. It’s been a long time since then. Manila Street Love, lead by Darating singer-songwriter Diana Dayao, will be arranging the reunion and shouldering all costs. The project aims to spark the magic in reunions, and the hope in our life’s Darating’s. Ano ang pinakikihihintay mo na Darating? Visit or their facebook page to know how to support.

About the Diana

Diana Dayao is an accomplished songwriter having written songs for major artists such as Kyla, Jed Madela, ZsaZa Padilla, and the late American RnB legend Keith Martin, who was also her former partner in music and in life. As a singer, she debuted with an all-original album under Viva Records entitled Senti Sultry Diana D. in 2017, followed by singles like In the Back, Into the Night, The Philippine Dream, Then I Saw Your Face with OPM icon Rodel Naval, and sexy RnB tune Lumapit Ka. Diana hopes to create more beautiful purpose with her new music, starting with Darating. Aside from being a singer-songwriter and advocate, Diana is a multimedia host and holds a fulltime post at the social entertainment app Kumu as the Director of Advocacy. Visit her website and @iamdianadayao on IG | Diana D. on FB.


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