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Way #09: Have a serving of something sweet today

The sweetest thing in life is waking up to the smell of breakfast, being prepared by a loved one...

The sweetest is being picked up at the airport with a warm hug, by someone you've missed so much. 

The sweetest thing is a brand-new chance after you've messed up

It's realizing you have a real friend who got your back when you almost had given up.

It's spending a moment with people who'd spend everything to be with you. 

It's ordering extra for that rider, guard, kids on the street, or someone waiting at home

The sweetest thing is saying I love you and hearing I love you too

It's being chosen because in their eyes, it's you or nobody at all.

It's still being loved even when you can't love them the same.

It's you paying that love forward without expecting anything in return.

Make sure to have a slice, a drizzling, a plate or a scoop of sweetness today.

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