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Project: #Darating


Some of us are able to travel any time. Some of us are fortunate enough to live close to our families. Some of us have found where we belong and stay together.


A lot of us aren't, so many haven’t. We’d like to help change that.


A working single dad living out of town but can’t come home to his family due to lack of pamasahe. A sick mother who's confined in a state hospital and hasn't seen her infant back in the province for months.  An ailing lolo who's been waiting for his prodigal son to come back and tell him he loves him anyway. These aren’t just movie themes, these are real sad happenings around us that we could help change, even for a day. 


Help us bring them together. 

Spark the hope of reunions, the magic in homecomings. #Darating


























Manila Street Love takes on a mission this August to help reunite people who have been living apart for so long for reasons such as lack of funds to travel, slight misunderstandings, hectic work schedule, long distance relationships.

We are looking for brand partners and individuals who share the same vision and help realize this project. We are aiming to help as much as three (3) cases of this nature - help them with reconciliation, buy flight ticktes and/or accommodation, and whatever is required to make the reunion happen. Likewise, we shall document these special moments. For love, for hope, and inspiration for others. 



Project Budget: Php 200,000.00 --- Pledge now 💙


We are seeking one major partner, or multiple partners, to donate the full or partial amount of the project budget. 


All partners will be promoted and  credited as co-presenter/s of this advocacy campaign. The documentation of the fulfillment of this project will also include social media reels, promotional campaign on social app Kumu, and a fully-produced song entitled, DARATING that will be available in all major music platforms, among others.








Our goal is to have all funds in by the end of August, so that by early September we start executing the reunion plans for the chosen beneficiariesAll video campaign materials will be released in September 2023.


Meanwhile, we are working on:

  1. Selecting the main beneficiaries of this project. Check out the actual beneficiaries & estimate cost for each.

  2. Finalizing pledges and onboarding partners;

  3. Making the necessary arrangements for the reunions,  ready for execution come September;

  4. Shooting performance videos for the music video, and interviews with sponsors and partners.

Let's spread love together! 

Let’s be the reason behind some priceless joy this month. <3


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