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Introduction: "Hello, Nice to Meet You!"

Updated: Jun 15

Oh look at her, a beautiful lady. She must not have problems in the world. Life must be serving her dreams on a golden platter. Oh look at her, she has a beautiful heart, too. She attracts the best people in the world. She’ll get married young, and retire young, have kids and a beautiful home wherever her heart desires. She doesn’t have to work so much for all of it. Life is bliss. We love her, we envy her, we hate her. 

Ain't it so ironic? That people seek beauty but hate it at the same time? Because within its curves and pejorative taste, the world has a lot of bitterness masking its skin. 

Well, take my word for it. I've always been referred to as a stunning, intelligent, and talented woman. I've always been admired by both the attractive and the powerful. But no - life has not been bliss. You look at me and what you see is a pair of pretty eyes, a nice nose bridge, a small face, a pair of luscious lips, a dazzling smile. I look at me and what I see is a reflection of dreams unfulfilled, love unreturned, and judgment undeserved. But don’t feel bad for me. At 40, I’ve come to understand what real beauty is all about. Because along those sad reflections, I also see reflections of wisdom, power, and love when I look at me. You see, we are all created with an established equity, each with an equal fighting chance to be beautiful in life.

This vlog-to-book is my story and reflections. It features intimate events stripped naked to reveal 100 inspiring lessons to achieve outer and inner beauty, in a world polluted with hate.

It tackles physical beauty and continues with it as a metaphorical representation of many beautiful things waiting to be discovered. May your heart find vulnerability in the rawness of each story, and encouragement that somehow, somewhere, there is always an indispensable beauty you'll find in every experience, aspiration, people, and even mistakes.

100 Ways To Be Beautiful


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